Enrichment programs are an important part of your student’s education. Many of these programs introduce topics that are not covered in the regular curriculum. Art Masters, Reader Leader, and Primary Music are all enrichment programs that your children enjoy at LFES. Thanks to your donations and fundraising efforts the PTA continues to be able to fund these programs.

Art Masters art supplies

Art Masters is a PTA funded art education program that introduces students to “Master” artists and their techniques. Throughout the year an art instructor visits the classrooms where the students learn about the lives and works of a specific artist. Students participate in a class activity to create their own original artwork based on the current artist. The instructor guides the students in an age appropriate project based on the technique of the Master Artist. Art Masters is a wonderful PTA sponsored program that introduces art history, fine art, builds confidence and is lots of fun!

To check out our LFES arts programs like ART at LFES on Facebook, or check out the CAPTA Arts resources for parents & teachers HERE


 Celebration BooksLeave a Legacy

LFES PTA is honored to support the Celebration Book/Leave A Legacy Program. Through this program LFES families are invited to select from a variety of district approved new books for our library. Each one is $20.00 and is customized with a permanent placard on the inside cover. The placard commemorates a celebration of a child’s birthday or special accomplishment. It is a reminder, for years to come of that LFES student. We hope you will consider placing an order for a Celebration / Leave a Legacy Book today as they are the primary source of new library books for our school!

The Celebration Books will be presented once a month at the Tuesday morning Flag Ceremony. This is optional, and can be specified on the form if your child prefers not to be called up. An email will be sent to you the week prior so you can save the date. If you have any questions please contact Celebration Book Chairperson Arpita Ganguly

Celebration Book Order Form-Blank

Reader Leader

The Reader Leader program is designed to motivate and encourage students to develop a habit of regular reading. BEAR weekThe PTA provides exciting incentives throughout the year for those students who meet the monthly reading requirements. Each month, students will be given a calendar to record daily minutes spent reading. Calendars are due to your child’s teacher on the first Friday of the following month, with a TOTAL minutes recorded and a parent’s signature.  Meeting the monthly grade level requirement enables students to earn a free book of student’s choice! We will have a book giveaway at the end of the school year where students who have met the minimum number of required minutes for eight months (September through April) and have turned in 100% of their reading calendars will be able to choose one free book from hundreds of books! In addition, we will be awarding classroom and individual prizes for top readers and outstanding participation throughout the year.

Minimum requirements by grade-level: 
5th grade: 30 minutes/ school day
1st-4th grades: 20 minutes/school day
Kindergarten: 15 minutes/school day

Blank Reader Leader Calendar

Questions? Reader Leader chair Danielle Pedersen




PT2011_Reflections_logo-Pantone_smA Reflections

The National PTA Reflections program offers students the opportunity to express themselves through various art forms.    Students are encouraged to take time this summer to participate in this program. 2016-2017 Entries are due 10/3/2016.

The theme for 2016-2017 is: “What’s your story?”  and can be expressed in any of the following art forms: Dance, Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Musical Composition, Photography, Special Artist Division, and Visual Arts

Additional information available HERE or download the specific category guidelines Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Musical Composition, Photography, Visual Arts and Special Artist Division.

For general rules and procedures click HERE You can also get your entry form All participating students will be honored at a special awards ceremony in December.  Please contact the Reflections Chairpersons, Jenni Olson  for more information.