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-A Note from the President-

I hope you are all doing well. Distance learning, social distancing, and safer at home are all new realities that have taken our family awhile to get used to. We are learning new routines and skills. Taking this time to really slow down and connect.

While transitioning to safer at home has meant changes in home and school life, it has also made for a major learning curve for PTA. Thank you for your patience as we figure out how to transition to virtual meetings, elections, and keep up regular business while staying in compliance with national guidelines and our local bylaws. Our audit and 2020-2021 Executive Board elections are at the top of the to do list, but we are awaiting guidance from the state and council level PTAs before we proceed. We are also trying to solve the issues of missing Celebration Books presentations, the future of the Country Fair, and budgeting for next year.

Teacher Appreciation Week is another big event on the minds of PTA. I think you can all join me in my appreciation of our amazing LFES Staff. Dismissing a school and transferring learning to a virtual platform is NO small feat! Our teachers have read bed time stories to their classes and gathered their classes on virtual platforms all while providing sound learning opportunities and trying to be safer at home with their own families. We can not thank them enough! Mrs. Wiseman has eased our nerves and provided leadership to all of us. Kelley, Bonnie, Sal and several supervisors helped all of us get our materials in an organized and calm fashion. LFES is really the BEST!

As always, the PTA will continue to work to support you and the LFES staff. We are working on a process to make sure teachers are able to receive reimbursements for their classroom purchases. We are beginning plan and budget for next year. We will continue to build community by hosting Spirit Days, posting photos of our Cubs, and supplying resources. If you can think of other ways we can help you, please reach out. We will do everything we can to be here for our LFES Cubs Community.

Stay safe and healthy,

Sara Jack

LFES PTA President


Las Flores Elementary is currently closed and is scheduled to reopen on May 4, 2020.

Distance learning will begin on Tuesday, March 24th. Teachers will be reaching out to their students and parents to share next steps. Recognizing that school closures may be extended, here is a current plan for the next three weeks:

March 23 – March 27 ~ Distance Learning

March 30 – April 3 ~ Distance Learning

April 6 – April 10 ~  Enrichment Week

The Capistrano Unified School District Food & Nutrition Services program will provide an opportunity for families to drive through and pick up free breakfast and lunch meals for any child 18 and under at Las Flores Elementary in the pick up lane. Please stay in your car and meals will be passed through based on the number of children in the car. Meals will be provided for free regardless of what school they attend or if they receive free, reduced or paid status lunch. Children must be present in the car in order for meals to be provided. Meals will be served between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday starting March 16. Meals will include an entree, fruit, vegetables and milk. Items will be cold foods such as yogurt with granola or frozen entrees with heating instructions on how to heat at home. For special dietary requests, please call (949) 234-9503.

Distance Learning Pictures


We’ve been thinking about all of you, especially as we put the finishing touches on our yearbook. We plan to include a page or two to capture this unique time so please send photos of your Cub’s distance learning adventures and Las Flores Elementary school spirit at home for consideration.

Please email pictures to Danielle Pedersen.

Yearbook Information

Yearbook sign with colorful paper confetti. Vector background.

It’s not too late, the deadline has been extended!

Would you like to design a recognition ad for your child to appear in the Las Flores Elementary 2019-2020 Yearbook? Still need to order a yearbook? You can find all ordering instructions below.

2020 Yearbook Sales

2020 – 2021 PTA Nominations

March 19th

Please find the list of nominees for the 2020 – 2021 PTA Board below. Voting will take place at our next Association Meeting.


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Your $20 PTA membership provides you with an opportunity to get involved in your child’s education, support great school-wide programs and connect with other families throughout our school community.

Membership is an easy, fast way to support the amazing school programs that the PTA funds; there is no obligation to volunteer or attend meetings.

If you have any membership questions, please contact Sara Jack, LFES PTA President. You can download a membership form here.

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